Every Week,

    We Grow Closer

With over 60 local businesses, our Association has been focused on promoting business within our membership since 1983. We work, socialize and gather together every week to network, listen, learn or just to share a laugh.

Our Members

   Go Far.

The members of our Association have a lot to offer - locally and around the world. Even though our customers are everywhere,
'home is where the heart is', and we've got enough heart for everyone in Newfoundland Labrador. Visit our member profiles.

Joining Us is Good

   for Business

One of our favorite things about the Association is that we take one provider, per industry. So, if you're new to us, we want you to fill that space and discover the benefits of being one of a kind. Join us and start getting busy.

Membership has

   its Benefits

From Networking and increased awareness of your business to exclusivity and the opportunity for us to mind your business, everyone has their own reason to join and many reasons to stay.
(Like our socials. Great reason.)

Talk isn't Cheap.

   It's priceless.

Knowledge is power. Our Association depends on inside and outside voices, so from tales of victory to words of wisdom, get in touch with us today and learn more about how you can share, promote or educate our group.

Ever Changing.

   Always Helping.

Every year, our Association chooses a new team of members to help stear the ship. Every group has it's opportunities and decisions to make. For our executive, it's all in a days work.

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April 12, 2016
April 12,2016 - Councillor Dave Lane
Welcome Dion Simmons, Premier Mortgage Centre
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